Zakale Expeditions



Zakale Expeditions Ltd has partnered with Resolution Insurance Kenya to offer Resolution Travel that caters for persons travelling to East Africa for leisure. The travel protection plan will provide you with coverage for your travel arrangements, your belongings, and most importantly you!

The Travel Plans cover Emergency Medical, Accident and Liability, Baggage Loss, Trip Cancellation, Hijack, Hostage and Wrongful Detention. Additional benefits that are unique include Travel and Flight Delay; Missed Departure and Missed Travel Connection all offered with higher benefit limits at a lower price.
This plan is available for all trips whose entry point is Kenya and will cover visits to Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.
Below is a brief listing of the plan benefits.

SECTION A – Curtailment
Trip Curtailment USD 2000 USD 100
SECTION B – Emergency Medical and other expense
Emergency Medical Expenses USD 100,000 USD 100
Evacuation and repatriation of mortal remains or funeral  expenses Actual Cost Nil
Emergency Dental treatment USD 250 Nil
Overseas hospital confinement Yes Nil
Return of minor children Actual Cost Nil
Additional travel and accommodation expenses due to illness USD 150 per day +
same class flight
Compassionate visit overseas USD 150 per day +
Economy Class Flight
SECTION C – Personal Accident
Personal accident USD 25,000 USD 250
SECTION D – Baggage Loss
Personal baggage loss or damage USD 750 USD 100
Single article limit 25% Nil
Loss of passport and document USD 250 Nil
SECTION E – Hijack, Hostage, Wrongful detention
Hijack, Hostage, Wrongful Detention USD 5,000 Nil
Hijack, Hostage, Wrongful Detention Per Day USD 100 Nil


Resolution Inbound Charges 2016 / 2017
1 – 7 days USD 35
8 – 14 days USD 57
15 – 21 days USD 75
22 – 28 days USD 95
29 – 35 days USD 115
1 – Kenya Safaris 2 – Tanzania Safaris 3 – East Africa Combo 4 – Affordable Journeys