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To really appreciate the wonders of the Kenyan bush, you have to leave the safari vehicle behind; and take a walk. Slow in pace, wide-ranging in scenery, led by trained safari guides, nature walks are designed to offer gentle exercise and a fascinating insight into the world of African trees, flowers, insects, reptiles, birds and animals.


Enjoy sundowner at a breathtaking location where you can sip a cocktail by the campfire and watch the sun melt in the horizon. Evenings come alive with the night animals like the bat-eared fox, the owls and the big cats like the lion and the leopard stirring to hunt under the cover of darkness. You simply cannot miss to drink a toast to Africa’s incredible diversity of wildlife.


Enjoy a delicious breakfast in the bush at a spectacular location so that you can enjoy an awesome view while having your breakfast. What an awesome way to begin the day! Sip champagne (served on request) whilst enjoying the spectacular panoramic views of the plains below.


This excursion offers a once in a lifetime experience. You'll have the chance to see lions, elephants, buffaloes, hippos, crocodiles, countless species of birds and vast, African plains from above. Suspended in a basket beneath the rainbow-coloured canopy, you’re off for a game-viewing adventure with an entirely different perspective. What amazes most first-time balloonists is the absolute stillness: the silence as you float above the plains, the forest and the rivers. Even if you’ve flown elsewhere, this is a unique experience.


Enjoy a relaxing boat ride on Lake Naivasha where you can see some of the local wildlife which includes hippos, buffalo, fish eagles, pelicans and much more.


A helicopter is a perfect way to access remote areas quickly and easily, without need for landing strips or clearances. Some of the ranches in Laikipia can arrange ‘heli-camping’ in which a helicopter is used to transport guests to remote destinations where a luxury camp awaits. This is also an out of this world way to see the local landscapes and wildlife


The camel is perfectly adapted to this landscape and is widely used throughout Northern Kenya. Camels with saddles are usually used. Gifted local guides, for whom a camel train through the wilderness is a way of life accompany groups and introduce them to the bush and the local wildlife. A camel safari in Kenya is a once in a lifetime experience, riding through the bush with only the sounds of the wild and the soft tinkling of the camel bells, you will find yourself travelling at a relaxed pace, moving through the wild in tune with the rhythms of nature.


Visit a traditional Masai village where you'll be exposed to Masai traditions and nomadic culture. At the village there is a traditional Masai homestead or Manyatta which consists of 48 traditional houses surrounding a cattle enclosure. Experience a way of life unchanged for centuries. You will be struck by the grace and beauty of the Masai people, and the colourful lifestyle they lead.


Did you know that you could guess how old a lion is by the colour of its nose? Feed your imagination by learning more fascinating facts about this vulnerable big cat, and help  protect them, by going lion tracking on Ol Pejeta.


Fly camping takes its name from sleeping in the bush under nothing more than a flysheet, as was the camping tradition before the luxury-laden era of ‘glamping’ arrived. The premise is that you spend the days walking, and the nights sleeping out in light weight tents, in a makeshift camp that moves each day – the end of each day’s walk brings you to your new site for the night. Fly camping is best incorporated into your stay with some nights spent in on the main camp before and after. It can add a whole new dimension to your experience, and a taste of the wilderness that few others ever encounter.


Horseback offers guests an intimate and exciting view of Africa’s game. A horseback ride over the vast plains is an exhilarating experience transporting you to the charm and nostalgia of days gone by.


The annual Wildebeest Migration at the Masai Mara is a natural cycle that replenishes and renews the grasslands of East Africa. This is one of the remarkable wildlife attractions that make’s Kenya one of the best wildlife destinations in the world.


Kenya is among those African territories that provide an opportunity to sleep under a sky full of stars. Loisaba is also one of them, offering protected star beds to spend all the night under a blanket of stars.


Enjoy a unique opportunity of viewing chimpanzees behind the scenes and learn more about the day to day care of the chimpanzees in Ol Pejeta. Chimpanzees are not indigenous to Kenya and Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary is the only place to see them in Kenya.


Kenya has some excellent potential areas for off road mountain biking. As the popularity of the sport increases, more and more mountain bikes are now available for hire, and there is plenty of undiscovered country for bush biking.


For the Trekker, Kenya is a world of highs and lows- From the snow capped peak of Mt Kenya to the desert plains of the north. There are a range of treks from sedate hill walks through game rich ranges to high altitude routes on alpine slopes. For those aiming higher, Kenya offers plenty of challenges. Climbers may be aware of the mighty peak of Mt Kenya, but there are many other climbing areas to be explored. There is a broad scope of destinations, from granite cliffs and volcanic rock towers to the ultimate challenge- a technical assault on Africa’s second highest summit.


A great way for kids to spend an afternoon or for those who fancy sitting by the water with a beer in one hand and a rod in the other. The fishing is fun, with plentiful catfish, tilapia and barbell. Share your prey with herons, monitor lizards and spectacular kingfishers.

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