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Lake Manyara National Park


Lake Manyara National Park
Haven for African wildlife and the rare tree climbing lions

Although it is one of Tanzania’s smaller wildlife enclaves, Lake Manyara National Park is a spectacular reserve that boasts an incredible diversity of terrain, as well as plant and animal species. Established specifically to protect the elephant herds that have made this area world renowned, the park provides an excellent and varied wildlife experience. An incredible array of habitats, as well as a wealth of biodiversity, is crammed into a relatively small area in Lake Manyara National Park.

Apart from the elephants, Lake Manyara is famous for tree-climbing lions, as well as the thousands of flamingos that inhabit the lake shore. Large herds of buffalo, cheetah, Maasai giraffe, hippo and impala can be encountered. The lake supports an incredible diversity of birds, particularly water fowl and migrants.

Lake Manyara is generally warm to hot throughout the year, with temperatures rising to above 35°C/95°F during the warmest months (September, October and January). The rainfall is seasonal, with two dry periods and two rainy periods during the year. Short, late-afternoon or evening thunderstorms occur in November and December, as well as from March to May. The dry periods last from June to October, as well as during January and February.


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